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Let Us Love Winter...

...For it is the spring of genius. Jena Theo AW10/11

After the summer months where all amounts of flesh are on display, it’s too sticky to wear trousers and everything is both short and revealing or so flimsy the slightest gust of wind shows off what you had for breakfast, I am actually looking forward to some autumn winter dressing.  Although sometimes layering and having to wear a coat can be a little restricting, there’s nothing I like more than to get comfy and wrap up in bundles of fabric and knit.  I’m looking forward to curling up on the sofa with an oversized jumper, thick socks and a great book. 

It’s almost a sin to say these things out loud, especially living in Britain. The slightest glimpse of the sun and everyone is desperate to soak it up while it lasts, and I don’t blame them. Constant rain and clouds can definitely put a crimp in your day and your attitude. It is almost like a crime to say the words, “I’m more of a winter person” – When I say it I can feel the glare of disgust. It’s almost offensive and it’s definitely controversial. Thing is I’m getting fed up of seeing men walking around with no tops on in the middle of the street, and I’m tired of seeing girls in Topshop with hot pants and crop top’s.

I’ve been looking for some cosy, night in by the fire inspiration ready for the autumn and I like what I see from Jena Theo. My style mantra for this winter is going to be the more fabric the better, and to wear anything that I can curl up and go to sleep in at any given time of the day, in any location.


Posted by Leanne Boulton

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