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03.03.11's 'Weekly We Love List'

The Love List

Following on from our Inspiration List on Tuesday, where we shared what is inspiring the Fashion156 office at the moment, today we focus on the team's current loves.

One of my favourite actors Anthony Hopkins is back playing another dark and sinister character. The Rite is a tale of possession, the devil and exorcism and totally freaked me out! 

Lauren Ward - A photographer who blurs the lines between art and the digital image.

Yves Saint Laurent manifesto. We want a copy.

Home recently to find boxes and trunks of old games/toys my mother had cleared from the loft - if only I had the skills of Robert Bradford and could makes some recycled Toy Sculptures...

M. Henry Jones & The Downtown Scene A screening and retrospective of works by M. Henry Jones; an artist who has been pushing the boundaries of animation since the 70's.

The Last Tuesday Society - We love how this 'Society' encourages literary indulgence and dressing up.

The Hot Sprockets. Love their sound - playful and upbeat yet chill.

Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty - The much anticipated upcoming exhibition at the M.E.T. we suspect it will be worth flying to New York for.

Restless. An intriguing look at our desire to escape reality explored through a heart rendering tale. Another Gus Van Sant classic.

Experimental Cocktail Club. - This establishment understands the art of blending liquers, definitely far from your standard idea of a 'cocktail'.

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