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As I write this I am counting down to 6pm when the world is supposedly going to come to an end. If you are reading this then obviously this prediction didn’t come true. It got me thinking about where I would want to be and who I would want to be with but also what should I wear? This is your last outfit on earth, it's almost like your last meal on death row.

Currently I’m sat in bed wearing Rocky (yes the boxer) pyjamas, I don’t really want my final choice of clothing to reflect my lazy Saturday morning attitude. If this religious prophecy does take place and I find myself with a front row seat to judgement day, maybe I should get wise and show my commitment to God with some religious accessories from New York designer Chrishabana? After all, there are only two destinations on offer here and I would rather join the people upstairs, not only because white is the only non-colour to be seen in this summer but I get the feeling that all that fire and heat at Lucipher's pad won’t be good for my pale and sensitive skin.

If you need some comforting in this time of uncertainty, French based designer Lilly Marthe Ebener creates beautifully crafted soft knit designs made from 100% natural alpaca wool blends, that really do look like a piece of heaven. The thought of the world ending may seem scary, but wrap me up in this AW11/12 collection and it might take the edge off, “More than clothing; where the body
ends and nature begins; pieces which capture spirit, vitality, and sincerity.” -

While some people pray to God and carry their bibles, I’m praying to Prince because, “We could all die any day, but before I'll let that happen, Ill dance my life away” (1999).

Posted by Leanne Jay Boulton

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